rift into the secret of things

rift into the secret of things

August 13 2013

The debut album from BONZIE.  Rift Into The Secret Of Things was fully written and co-produced by BONZIE in the summer of 2013.  The title was inspired by a passage from Henry David Thoreau’s Walden.


“Wunderkind … ‘Data Blockers’ feels like the work of a vet well-versed in whispered catharsis. e plucky six-minute epic evokes a young Chan Marshall [Cat Power].” —SPIN

“Her self-harmonizing is masterful… …talent for moving seamlessly between gentle folk-inspired verses and edgier rock- n-roll riffs” —VOGUE

“The album showcases the young artist’s assured talent, its songs ranging from elegant folk with ambient and orchestral touches to more ramshackle country numbers that recall the feisty weariness of Bright Eyes.” —UNDER THE RADAR

“Marvel at the intricacies of her songwriting and individual style.” —HUFFINGTON POST

“Enigmatic… a softer, more digestable Jeff Magnum [Neutral Milk Hotel]” –PEPSI PULSE


1. Data Blockers
2. Felix
3. Catch/Release
4. Routine
5. South Madison
6. Catholic High School
7. Convert
8. Daniel and the Great Solstice

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