top 5 album of the year

top 5 album of the year

The Chicago Tribune ranked Zone on Nine, the album released by BONZIE in 2017, a top 5 album of the year:

Bonzie, “Zone on Nine” (Beevine): Nina Ferraro makes no small plans on her ambitious second album. Though most of the songs would work with just her voice and guitar as a foundation, the arrangements often defy easy classification with their art-pop textures and risk-taking adventurousness. “Crescent” toggles between low-fi bedroom recording and rock, while the haunting “Epilogue” suggests an operatic goth-country drama.

An extra shoutout to all the others who ranked BONZIE’s album under their top lists for 2017, including record shop Avalon Records in Bellingham Washington, Twitter users @ericdweaver and @ThRogueHorseman.

Thanks to you for bringing Zone on Nine into your cars, homes, and earbuds.

Get ready for a extraordinary 2018. 💫

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Posted by Avalon Records in Bellingham on Sunday, 17 December 2017